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As a Systems Integrator of security cameras and software, Blue Iris is the best NVR and camera management we have found! You will find helpful videos below to learn more. If you need consulting, please fill out the form at the bottom or if you'd like to purchase Blue Iris, click the button below.

What is Blue Iris?

Blue Iris is a piece of software that runs on a Microsoft Windows PC and allows you to view and record security cameras. You can run up to 64 cameras with a single license and you can setup motion zones and alerts. There is an iPhone app and an Android app so you can view cameras on the go.

Here is a video on getting started:

Why is Blue Iris better?

If you have been shopping for security camera NVR solutions you might have come across cloud based options or on-prem software/hardware from Synology Surveillance Station or Milestone. There are many reasons why Blue Iris is superior to other options in the marketplace but here are a few of the top ones.

1) Price - Other options are up to 10 times more expensive than Blue Iris. For what you get, this software is the best option for the price.

2) Compatibility - Blue Iris works with ONVIF cameras among others. This is the most common protocol security cameras communicate in.

3) Flexibility - Blue Iris expands up to 64 cameras with a single license unlike many other options that require a license per camera. If you want to start with two cameras but add additional cameras over time, Blue Iris is a great option.

4) Advanced triggering - You can use MQTT or HTTP to trigger virtually anything. Want to write a script that gets fired when you pull in the driveway, you can use Blue Iris to do it.

5) Bring Your Own Hardware - Because Blue Iris runs on a Windows PC, you can use a device you already have or purchase a refurbished machine inexpensively. The total cost of ownership is low.

Below you will find videos that we have shared with customers and they have found helpful to learn about Blue Iris.

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BI Security Integrations and is a systems integrator specializing in Blue Iris consulting. We pride ourselves on a high level of customer service and want nothing more than to have our customers happy. We have installed numerous Blue Iris systems all over the world allowing our customers to protect their property and businesses. BI Security Integrations has many examples of burglers, theives, and intruders being deterred by the presence of security cameras. If something ever does happen, you have the piece of mind to know you can share the video with law enforcement, but on your own terms. If you are looking to set up a Blue Iris system, feel free to reach out as we do provide consulting. Also, if you are looking to purchase the Blue Iris Software click on the button below to be re-direct to checkout.

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